Insight Densifying Fortifying Treatment

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Insight Densifying Fortifying Treatment 100 ml

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Insight Densifying Fortifying Treatment 100 ml
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The unique plant recipe intensively strengthens the hair bulbs and regulates skin functions. It allows you to reduce the amount of hair falling out in a short time. Thanks to it, your hair will quickly become strong and healthy.

It contains a composition of plant extracts with exceptionally effective action in preventing hair loss.

It stimulates microcirculation of the scalp, improving oxygenation and nutrition of hair follicles. It not only eliminates excessive hair loss, but also makes the strands stronger and shinier.The plant-based formula stimulates the development of proper epidermis microflora, preventing dandruff. Reduces seborrhea and regulates sebum secretion.It does not weigh down the hair at the roots and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly fresh and comfortably moisturized.

The combination of organic horse chestnut extract and a strengthening phytocomplex (menthol, guarana and organic Echinacea extract) guarantees excellent and quick effects.

Recommended for hair:

People struggling with the problem of weak and falling hair.

Key Ingredients:

Organic horse chestnut extract – Stimulates skin microcirculation, which in a short time translates into better oxygenation and nourishment of the hair follicles. It has a regulating effect, soothes and moisturizes the skin and reduces the symptoms of PsA.

Menthol – It has an antiseptic effect. It naturally restores balance to the skin and prevents dandruff. It leaves the skin pleasantly refreshed and moisturized. Additionally, menthol stimulates skin microcirculation, limiting hair loss.

Guarana extract – Intensively stimulates skin microcirculation. This is due to a large dose of caffeine, which stimulates the hair bulbs to grow and adds vitality to the strands.

Organic Echinacea extract – Strengthens hair bulbs and adds vigor to hair. It makes the strands loose and flexible. It regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands and has unique soothing and moisturizing properties. Thanks to it, you will forget about the problem of irritated and itchy scalp. Echinacea also provides natural protection for your strands against UV radiation.

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