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Olaplex is currently trending here in the UK and beyond. People are loving this product as a part of their beauty routine.

Glamour Magazine readers voted products from Olaplex in their 2022 awards. 

Olaplex is a revolutionary new salon applied treatment that allows you to go bright, go bold, and have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. As chemical processes break down the bonds that are essential for healthy hair, Olaplex steps in to repair them before any damage is done.

All their products are perfect for colour-treated hair, helping to strengthen over processed hair with intense, bond-building technology.

Olapex had humble beginnings which started in a California garage, and since 2014 have grown exponentially to include millions of fans worldwide. Their patented technology is continuously changing what is possible for hair.

Here at My Hair And Beauty we are pleased to represent this brand online, and to date we are significantly cheaper than other online stores. 

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