Zirh Mild Face Wash

Zirh Mild Face Wash 125 ml

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Zirh Mild Face Wash 125 ml

This gel like formula is fragrance free and non-abrasive. This means you aren't likely to irritate the skin upon using this product.

  • 125 ml


A daily use, mild wash facial cleanser. Suitable for normal to dry skin and those with sensitive skin. It is a gentle foaming cleanser that maintains the skin to its natural balance. Designed to be skin neutral in pH terms, so the skin is left conditioned. Matricaria Flower Extract is derived from the Chamomile plant to act as a lubricant and keeps the skin smooth and soft.

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It contains properties that are healing and gentle. The Sage Leaf Extract has astringent properties and stimulates the cell renewal under the skin, increasing blood circulation to boost your skins subtle and more plumper appearance.

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