Zirh Erase Aftershave Relief Tonic

Zirh Erase Aftershave Relief Tonic 200 ml

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Zirh Erase Aftershave Relief Tonic 200 ml

Ease your skin after shaving with this relieving aftershave tonic.

  • 200 ml


Razor burn and irritation can occur natural from shaving, but Erase those problems with this gentle tonic. A collagen boosting formula rich in Carnosine and anti-inflammatory benefactors, Rose, Linden, Cucumber, Grapefruit and Chamomile all help to cleanse and reduce skin irritation and help to heal any sun damage that has occurred. Algin is used to help retain moisture on the skins surface which is often the first place the body looses hydration. This tonic works to refine and firm the skin whilst protecting it underneath.

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