Ointment Carica Papaya
    Ointment Carica Papaya
    Ointment Carica Papaya
    Ointment Carica Papaya

    Ointment Carica Papaya 25 g

    Ointment Carica Papaya 25 g
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    The Australian lip balm and cult favorite Pure Paw Paw heals dry, chapped and sore lips. Then maintain your lips with lots of moisture and fresh Australian fruit.

    The lip balm is glossy, with a non-sticky consistency that gives a natural shine, and a neutral scent. Of course, Pure Paw Paw has not been tested on animals.

    Product Features:

    • 100% Cruelty-Free.
    • 100% Australian made and owned.
    • 100% Recyclable.
    • Uses FRESH, not frozen Papaya.
    Pure Paw Paw lip balm not only helps you to restore your lips, but is also perfect for skin and makeup! This is how!

    Skin :-

    Cracked cuticles? Pure Paw Paw fixes. Does your skin lack moisture? Pure Paw Paw fixes. Apply a thin layer of conditioner on the dry area and leave on overnight. This is not all! You can use the conditioner on dry and cracked skin, for example. elbows, on rashes, small burns, minor cuts, chafing and insect bites. Pure Paw Paw fixes.

    Make-Up :-

    The Pure Paw Paw balm is ultimate for makeup as well. Use as a moisturizing lip primer, a glossy highlighter, as an eye shadow primer or as a fixing brow gel. Pure Paw Paw fixes.

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