Kerasilk Revitalize Detoxifying Serum

Kerasilk Revitalize Detoxifying Serum 100 ml

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Kerasilk Revitalize Detoxifying Serum 100 ml
  • 100 ml

Goldwell Kerasilk is the line of treatments dedicated to the specific needs of damaged and unruly hair. This serum contains Ectoin (R), which helps fight aging of the scalp.

The red seaweed is known for its purifying action, while the keratin gives structural support to fragile hair.

Directions :

  • Apply evenly to damp or dry skin.
  • Massage and do not rinse.


Strengthens the skin's protective barrier and, thanks to its purifying action, removes dandruff and rebalances oily skin.


  • This serum is ideal for effectively combating the symptoms of dandruff and for rebalancing oily skin.
  • If used every day, it gives a long-lasting purifying effect.
  • Use it regularly to preserve the balance of the scalp.
  • Also suitable for colored hair.
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