Koleston Perfect

Exceed the limits of hair colouring with Koleston Perfect take up the new challenge yourself and create stunning Permanent hair colours you or your client will love.

Wella Professional's Koleston Perfect range is one of the best brands for permanent hair colour. Now get the purest results with their new and improved formula available in an incredible 160 shade variations. With up to 5 levels of lift, hair will be transformed with its natural depth and shine intact - giving you and your hair a WOW factor. What makes this formula better than previous iterations is its ME+ technology, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions during application. As a flexible cream designed for a quick and easy 1:1 ratio mix, it now promises a smooth application that will stay in place on the hair. Get the professional quality salon look today with products from this range.

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Using 100% recycled aluminium at WELLA* avoids using over 700 tons of virgin aluminium per year**

*WELLA refers to the whole WELLA brand (incl. Koleston Perfect, Illumina, Color Touch and others) and all regions except ASIA

**vs sourcing virgin aluminium

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