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Clynol Speciality for greasy hair, styling build-up and dandruff. Cleanse and purifies hair scalp, removing excess oil and product build up revealing healthy hair.

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Wonder 10 Spell Shampoo
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Wonder 10 Spell Shampoo
Clynol wonder 10 spell shampoo, Wash in more wow with our new daily wonder – a shampoo that does so much more than cleansing. Open the bottle to release 10 instantly enchanting benefits and let magic go to your head as the miraculous formula:
Lifts away impurities as it gently cleanses
Revives hairs strength
Effectively repairs each strand inside & out
Bestows perfect smoothness
Stands guard against colour fade
Gives vibrant shine
Rebuilds hairs natural elasticity
Delivers deep nourishment
Beautifies with vital hydration.
Grants colour vibrancy
To activate this magical clean sweep, simply lather through wet hair and rinse away for a total transformation.
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