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Men System Professional

Men System Professional is a new range by Wella to achieve a new level of styling perfection with precision solutions adapted to your unique and specific needs.

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SP Men Precise Shine Classic Wax
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SP Men Precise Shine Classic Wax


Wella SP Precise Classic Wax is just the product to tame that fly away cowlick, or hold that stray hair in place. You can use it to create texture, definition or move your hair forwards and backwards or just to spike it up. You can even create the appearance of a fuller and thicker head of hair with the right technique. This classic wax has been formulated for men who style their hair, especially suited for adding control and definition to shorter hair styles giving you light healthy looking shine. It contains oils which improves the hair condition and texture whilst preventing the hair from drying out achieving a natural sheen. This Wax gives you the adaptability to remould and reshape your style when required yet supplying you with a great hold. This non greasy formula does not leave build up or residue on the hair and can be easily washed out with a quick wash.


Apply a small amount to hands and rub through dry hair to mould, add texture or definition to the hair or keep nuisance hair at bay.
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