Feel Heavenly Luxurious Bath Cream

    Feel Heavenly Luxurious Bath Cream 500 ml

    Feel Heavenly Luxurious Bath Cream 500 ml
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    • 500 ml
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    A moisturising bath and bath foam that leaves skin feeling relaxing and clean post bath. With scent of coconut & milk open your mind up to a world of possibilities. A Bath Soak with scent of coconut & milk will revive your body and mind. All Radox products contain a special blend of at least two active natural ingredients specially chosen to transform bodies and minds. Radox has been blending in this way for over 100 years to create showering experiences that that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the day.

    HEAVENLY BREEZE : Sink into luxurious coconut, the scent of paradise. A hammock sways gently in the heavenly breeze. Feel cocooned in bliss. Close your eyes and let your spirits soar high into the cloudless brilliant blue. Just sink in, lie back and feel the tension ease from your muscles. Radox have selected and combined natural ingredients with feel good fragrance.

    DELIGHTFULLY FRAGRANT : Bath soak that leaves your skin delightfully fragrant. With scent of coconut & milk inspires by nature’s finest ingredients. A moisturising bath mood changing fragrance bath soak which cleanses your body. Pour bath gel under running water and relax.

    SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES : A relaxing bath soak that rinses off easily leaving skin feel rejuvenated post bath. A bath liquid and bath foam pH neutral bath product, dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

    Key Features :-

    • Radox – Nature Inspired Fragrance.
    • Bath Soak that leaves your body delightfully fragrant.
    • Feel fresh and clean all day.
    • pH neutral, dermatologically tested.
    • Mood changing fragrance pack which makes you feel relaxed.
    • Suitable for all skin types.
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