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Blonde Me Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener Dust Free Powder

Blonde Me Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener Dust Free Powder
Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bleach Powder is the first powder-based lightener to provide up to 9 levels of lift on natural and artificially coloured hair. If you want to give your blonde shade a boost, the BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener delivers an unbeatable colour lift.

As well as brightening your hair for the ultimate radiant shine, the innovative Bond Enforcing Technology actively protects your hair bonds during application. This minimises breakages and protects your hair’s structure. The anti-yellow agents neutralise warmer undertones so you can rest assured this product will give the desired finish with no nasty surprises.

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bleach Powder is easy to use and can be applied at home for a salon finish at a fraction of the price.

The most powerful lightener on the market, BlondMe Bleach Powder promises to transform your blonde with a long-lasting lift. The finished result will not only protect your hair, but also offer a soft, smooth finish that looks stunning.

Always read the instructions before using this product.

How do you mix Schwarzkopf BlondMe bleach?

To apply this dust-free powder to your hair, you will need to mix it with a BlondMe developer oil. There are variable mixing ratios available. Typically you will need one scoop of powder and between 1.5 and 2.5 scoops of the developer oil.

How long should you leave BlondMe bleach in your hair?

Depending on the desired look, you can leave the BlondMe bleach in your hair between 20-45 minutes. Once your time is up, you can wash your hair.

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