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Metallic Home Brush Soleil

Metallic Home Brush Soleil
The ikoo brush HOME black - Soleil from the metallic collection is about the size of a hairbrush, but without a normal grip. Ikoo brush HOME black - oyster metallic ikoo brush is the hairbrush for gentle debarring of the hair - perfect for your home! The brush body feels like a flatter, you are more targeted and massaged with the right pressure your scalp. The brush is made of handmade acrylic & precious resin and is very easy to keep clean. Even in the fashion world silver stands for elegance, prosperity, solidity, purity and lightness. About the ikoo brush HOME metallic collection From now on it is possible to buy five different ikoos with high gloss finish from the metallic collection. You do not want to do without the gentle care of a hairbrush with no toes, but for happy hair and broken hair? Then the ikoo brush HOME from the metallic collection is just right for you. The great for home brings function and design into a stylish balance. Combine shine and volume into your hair. Massage your scalp at the hair brush. Brush your hair easily and effectively, even with hairbrush Brush you easily your wet hairEn knot the hair gently, without Tough, without painful pulling Harmonizing scalp massage - TCM Traditional Chinese medicine, TCM for short, is based on experiences and traditions that are over 2000 years old. They are still practiced in China today. But even with us in Europe you will find more and more followers. Based on the principles and principles of traditional Chinese medicine, your ikoo brush HOME.
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